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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Art for d•vine Bistro & Wine Lounge in Chandler AZ

Peace & Love - 2 Acrylic Paintings 10x30
I will be hanging my art at a really upscale Bistro & Wine Lounge in Chandler AZ called d*vine this week. I am really excited to get my work in a new venue. I have been painting a lot and I have several other venues that I need to rotate my art and update. This just means I need to paint more!

I will be updating work at the Rhino Cafe in Queen Creek, Hob Nobs in Phoenix and Poppy's Place in
Queen Creek as well.

I am still working the food series too. I need to get about 6 pieces total to present it as a show. Those paintings take a significantly larger amount of time to complete because of their detail and large size. Thanks for looking!

d•vine - go check it out!

Wine or Glasses - 11x14 Print from Original
Wine Shadow Boxes 

Broken Heart - 8x10 Shadow Box with Tooling Foil

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evening Owls

I have a great love of owls and thought these fun pieces were a real hoot! These pieces were done on 16 x 20
aquaboards with a 2 inch cradle that were painted black.
I really like art that sticks out from the wall with a 3-D effect.

Many of my pieces will be going on display soon so let me know if anyone is interested.

Originals are available as well as photographic matted and framed prints.

With the weather being so great, there are quite a few festivals in Arizona going up as well as other avenues of displaying and selling art. Right now my biggest problem is finding more time to paint!!

One of my  next posts will be a large format acrylic that will be used to raise money for the big Relay for Life event in Queen Creek AZ. Then . . . it's back to the diner food!

Thanks for looking! I really appreciate your thoughts as well.


 reprints available at:

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Almighty Burger!

24x30x2.5 Acrylic on Canvas - 385.
Well here it is! A tribute to the almighty burger!
I highly recommend that every vegetarian paints meat because it will make you dislike it even 
more- ha! This was quite a challenge but it was fun because the subject is such a big part of our culture, childhood memories and so much more! Who doesn't remember Bob's Big Boy? And for all you
young kids - I'm sure it looks like a crabby patty!
This 24 x 30 piece was painted with acrylics!
I have said good bye to the burger as I add it to the collection and I am prepping for the next culinary treat! Stay tuned . . . will it be a dessert, main course  . . . or a snack time favorite? Thanks for looking!!!