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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hanging new art at Fuego Bistro in Phoenix tomorrow. Many are framed so I will
post pictures of framed art tomorrow after the installation.
Here is a listing of all new art prices include frames.

713 E. Palo Verde, Phoenix, AZ.

"Window Colors" 18x36x1.5 - Acrylics
$325.00 - No frame needed - SOLD

The painting below is now for sale at the Mesa Art Museum Store!
"Wall Flowers" 18x36x1.5 - Acrylics
$325.00 - No frame needed
"Never Bored" 12x36x1.5 - Acrylics
$225.00 - SOLD
"Song Birds" 24x36- Acrylics - Framed
$695.00 - SOLD
"The Grove" 24x36 - Acrylics - Framed
"In Bloom" 24x30- Acrylics - Framed
"Sunflowers" 24x30- Acrylics - Framed

The painting below is now for sale at the Mesa Art Museum Store! 
"Love Doves" 20x24 - Acrylics - Framed

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wood-Cuts by Melody Smith

Hey everyone! I will be at the Tempe Marketplace Art's & Crafts Festival 
this weekend, Feb. 9 & 10 from 10-5pm. (Near CA Pizza Kitchen)
I have some great Valentine's gifts! Show prices listed below!

Wood cuts are made by sawing out my designs with a band saw, filing,
and drawing the images onto the wood to be painted with acrylics.
Some pieces have nailed on tooling foil or copper foil with
hand carved designs. Wood blocks are attached to the back of the cut-out to allow them to stick-out from the wall giving a 3-D effect!

I will also have original acrylic paintings, giclees, and greeting cards!
Hope to see you there!

Over the Doorway "Wings of Love" - 21"x7" - Acrylic Wood Cut - $45

"Colorful Heart" - 8"x8"x2.5 - Acrylic Wood Cut Wall Box - $35    

"Warm Heart" - 6"x9" - Acrylic Wood Cut With Copper- $40

"Birdie Told Me" - 9.5"x8" - Acrylic Wood Cut Box - $40 

"Big Heart" - 10"x7" - Acrylic Wood Cut - $28 

"Birdie Told Me" - 8"x10" - Acrylic Wood Cut Box - $45

"Bright Heart" - 4.5"x5" - Acrylic Wood Cut Box with Tooling Foil - $20

"Cherish" - 6.5"x9" - Acrylic Wood Cut - $40

"Flutter" - 8.5"x6.5" - Acrylic Wood Cut Box - $30

"Hoo Luvs Ya!" - 12"x12" - Acrylic Wood Cut - $48

"Tea Time" - 12.5"x6" - Acrylic Wood Cut - $28