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Friday, January 18, 2013

Custom Wood Cuts by Melody Smith
3-D original wall hangings cut from wood and slightly raised from the 
wall after hanging. All pieces are hand painted in acrylics.
Some have nailed-on tooling foil accents or additional wire hung art pieces.
Some pieces have several layers to create even more depth!
Hope you like my funky, folk style art pieces.

"Purrfect Balance" - Approx. size 8.5x26 - $85

"Sunset Vette" - Approx. size 16x15 - Corvette is raised from Back wood- $85

"Doodle Doo" - Approx. size 8x12.5 - $45

"Fish Outta Water" - Approx. size 12.5x11 - 3 Layers of wood - $85

"Queen Bee" - Approx. size 12x16 - $45

"I Am Smiling" - Approx. size 7.5x19 - $75

"Wings of Love" - Approx. size 12x16 - $95 - Currently at Mesa Art Center Store

"Devoted" - Approx. size 6x9 - $30

"Love Bird" - Approx. size 13.5x10 - $40

"Broken" - Approx. size 6x12 - $35